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What is a Survivor Life Coach and Why Would I Need One?
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Praise for the Journals...

“The LifeBook helped me understand what I need to be happy and healthy, and how to get it. Now that I know what to expect, I’m a lot less afraid and stressed out. After all, if all these other survivors are happy after cancer, I can be too.”
– Rosemary, age 42, breast cancer

“The survivor insight and wisdom, combined with the journaling prompts and compelling visuals are unique, effective tools for our patients.
– Phil Fusca MSW, Co-Chair, Southeast Florida Cancer Control Collaborative

“Born from her own experience and considerable expertise as a life coach, Paula has produced a valuable tool to those challenged with a diagnosis of cancer. Our Healing Touch Buddies program is one of a number of service providers honored to be distributing her "What's Next For My Life?" journaling workbook of self discovery to the women we serve diagnosed with breast cancer.”
– Betty Ann Baker, founder, Healing Touch Buddies
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Cancer patients and survivors come to me for three things.
1. Been-there-done-that wisdom and advice about things they don't know or are afraid to ask about.
2. Support creating a New Normal life when treatment ends, most often including desire to be healthier; give back in some way; and to make the most of their lives as survivors.
3. To live fully by creating healthy lives filled with people, experiences, and things that matter most to them.

My proven life coaching process helps take back control and create a healthy, happy New Normal life.
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Praise for survivor life coaching...

"Our breast cancer survivors love Paula. She brings a whole hearted, loving energy to our events and retreats. Her expressive arts and life coaching events are always favorites with our members. I highly recommend her to people or organizations who want to support and inspire their community." - Claudia Aguirre, Founder, Lotus Survival Foundation

"Paula's been down in the trenches with us and she gets it. She's been bald and had chemo brain too. It's so great to laugh about it with someone who really understands." - Sara P.

“Thanks for the strength, motivation, and drive to start my life moving again.” – Lome Perez

“I now recognize that I have to choose to take action to make any significant changes since my diagnosis.” – Aileen Carlson
Guided cancer journals provide real world wisdom about things you may not know (or be afraid) to ask about. And a proven processs to find your New Normal life. Info below.
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What's Next After Treatment Ends? LifeBook
Proven, guided step-by-step process builds confidence and motivation and helps life feel "Normal" again.

Dare to Live What Matters Now
Look Inside!
Look Inside!
PDF Journal $7.95
20-year survivor and credentialed life coach Paula Holland De Long ACC, CPCC is an authority on how the lessons of cancer survivorship can bring joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life. She's helped thousands of patients, survivors, and their loved ones regain control and improve quality of life during treatment, and move on to create exceptionally rich and satisfying lives after cancer.

Her proven What's Next? life coaching process quickly and effectively transforms fear, uncertainty, and normal human resistance to change into healthy choices, sustainable lifestyle changes and confidence for the future. Over 95% of
her clients report significant increases in their feelings of empowerment and their ability to make choices and take
action in all areas of their lives.

Because life coaching is done primarily over the phone and
online, Paula works with people around the world. She
offers a No Cost / No Obligation consultation to
anyone affected by cancer, and special rates during active treatment. Email Paula to get started. 
What's Next Companion Journal for Cancer Patients
Reduces isolation, loneliness and stress; and addresses many common non-medical concerns.

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PDF Journal $7.95: BUY HERE

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